R/M10 Mallorquina of 10 cm

R/M10 Mallorquina of 10 cm

Lattice R/M10 Mallorquina of 10 cm. Socket joined, flat or assembled. Thickness 16 mm. Available in Pine wood and Melis pine, (consult for other types of wood). Sizes: 200x101 cm.

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Stuck with anti-humidity marine glue.
Horizontal strips of 21 x 5 mm, vertical strips of 9,5 x 16 mm thick, sanded on both sides and separated by 10 cm.
Allows only one-sided view.
The ideal lattice for keeping privacy.
Wood varieties: Pine, Melis pine
Sizes: 200 x 101 cm.
Wrapped in cardboard cases for protection against the light.
Packaging: 5 units per box.
Guaranteed article


Lasur treatment

All our lattices and profiles can be served with lasur treatment for the exterior that protects against fungi for a period not less than 5 years, and also, against insects and termites for a period not less than 10 years. The lasur treatment is not a guarantee against twisting or peeling of wood after being exposed to water and wind for a long time (stormy rain and strong wind blasts).


We purchase all our wood from sustainable forests.


Our products that are painted by submersion and lasur-treated are not toxic when contact to the skin is established.

  • Strips: Horizontal: 9,5x16 mm - Vertical: 21x5 mm
  • Spaces: 100 mm
  • Thickness: 16 mm