Flat lattice of HDPE. Slanted mesh. Holes of 70 mm. Dimensions: 2400 x 1200 x (+-5) mm. Color: White

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Material:  High density polyethylene (HDPE).
One sole piece molded by injection at low pressure.
Imitation of wood.
Diamond design.
It's a flexible product, so it's easy to install and maintain.
Resistant to UV rays, most chemicals and heat.
They do not rust, rot nor corrode.
The can be manipulated (cut, drilled, etc.) using standard tools.
It is recommended not to paint them because the paint does not stick well on this kind of material.
The lattices expand and contract with temperature changes. The dimensional variation from 0º C to 40º C is about 1 cm lengthwise and 0,5 cm widthwise.

Color: White.
Dimensions: 2400 x 1200 x (+-5) mm.
Holes: 70 mm.
Package: 30 units per pallet.
Guaranteed article


Drill previously. Then screw with 8 mm metal thread screws. Do not tighten too much, leaving that way space for the lattice to expand and contract. It is advisable to make a bigger hole in the lattice than in the frame.
Leave a gap of approx. 6 mm between lattice and frame on all sides, allowing that way the lattice to expand without twisting.

Care and Maintenance

Rinse periodically with a hose to remove surface dirt. If the dirt is stuck, you can apply a mild detergent and then rinse well. 


The lattices are free from defects as far as the used material and the manufacturing process is concerned.
Provided they are installed according to the installation instructions and destined for adequate common use, the lattices maintain their texture and do not peel, sting, rot, swell, bend, crack, corrode and are not consumed by insects.
The warranty covers material and/or manufacture defects. It does not cover lattice damage caused by a faulty or inappropriate installation (e.g. not leaving enough space for the expansion or contraction), inappropriate use, damage to the structure or ground upon which the lattice was installed, exposure to acid rain or other harmful chemicals, bad weather conditions.
  • Strips: 25 x (+-5) mm
  • Spaces: 70 mm
  • Thickness: (+-5) mm