Flexible Flooring made of Iroko

Flexible wooden flooring. Raw or treated with Vegetable Oil. Timber: Iroko. Dimensions: 0,5 x 3 m and 1 x 3 m. Available in Flat or Groovy strips.

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Manufactured with strips of 35 x 16 mm and assembled on PVC hoses that allow great flexibility and isolate from water.
Very strong and resistant. Quick and easy to gather and store.
Cut or unite as needed. Usable up to the smallest part.
Easy to join or slice any piece or coil using the couplings provided. If you need more couplings, just ask us for them.
For indoor use.
Available in Flat or Groovy Strips.

Timber: Iroko.

Packaging: In European pallets of 18 m2 (6 coils of 1 m height or 12 coils of 0,5 m height)

Dimensions: 0,5 x 3 m. and 1 x 3 m.

Guaranteed article

TREATMENT (optional)

Treated with vegetable oil.



We purchase all our wood from sustainable forests.


Our treated products are non-toxic to skin contact.