All our wood has its origin from sustainably managed forests (Policy of system of the Chain of Custody).


All our wooden products are glued with anti-humidity marine glue and according to the regulation CE EN-204 / group effort D/4. The PVC items are welded chemically.


Specified in our catalogue according to the use of each item: Perfectly calibrated and sanded, if destined for furniture (boards and lattices). Only calibrated (countrified finish), if it is to be painted or treated for outdoor use. The handling by the end customer is very important so that bumps and scratches are prevented on products that have a very fine sand finish.

Painted by submersion (White or Green)

All our joints and lattices can be served painted green or white by submersion with special resins that protect from the sun (ultraviolet rays) and water (peeling or twists) for a period not less than 5 years, keeping the color new just like the first day. Our products painted by submersion are non toxic to skin contact.

The articles painted by submersion are separated by a plastic film to prevent friction during transport.


All our lattices and joints can be served with autoclave treatment for outdoor use, are non-toxic to skin contact, and protect the article from fungi for a period not less than 5 years and from insects and termites for a period not less than 10 years.

Autoclave procedure does not guarantee the twisting or peeling of wood when exposed to water and wind for a long time (periods of heavy rains and stormy winds).


Our joints and lattices are protected from light due to packaging in cardboard cartons that maintain the original color. The slatted boards are protected and isolated from humidity and dirt on shrinkwrapped pallets. Our company associated to Ecoembes, features the distintive "Green Dot" for package recollection managing.


All our items, unless otherwise indicated, are guaranteed, as far as gluing, sanding, calibrating and drying the wood is concerned, in order to provide our clients with the necessary tranquility, under the condition that their use has been according to our instructions for each of the articles. The PVC articles also have the guarantee of KÖMMERLING, S.A (see catalogue).

In order to have a valid warranty it is indispensable to refuse to accept the goods from the transport agency, if the packaging arrives in a bad condition or if one can clearly observe that it was bumped. Nevertheless, if accepted under those conditions or in case of incomplete receipt, state it explicitly on the delivery note.

Check minimum amount necessary, if not mentioned on the rate. 


For the replacement of any item damaged and in order to be covered by our warranty, it is indispensable to have this item at our disposal for inspection by our quality manager. Otherwise the warranty will be void.