Company              History             Present

CAT' MADER ® is not just a company, it is a concept, a way of working and synonymous to high quality and service where one can say that we are artisans disposing of the most advanced technologies and the greatest respect for the environment through the sustainable use of natural resources.


We have a great capacity to adapt a unique design to the products that our clients request. This, combined with our natural method of a manufacture, design and study of trends, clearly differentiates us from the rest adding value to our company and inspiring security to our customers. Our abilities of manufacturing, designing, handling the logistics and the after-sales service, together with an offered guarantee, endorses us as a reliable supplier.


Working with such a noble product such as wood inspires us and reminds us ever single moment that our raw material is being given to us by mother nature, and, therefore, we try to compensate her with methods focused on sustainability and respect for the environment, as is the system of chain of custody that we have implemented in order to ensure and guarantee the legal and sustainable origin of our raw materials.


Our customers can be confident that our products meet the most stringent european leveled norms and that we will not cease to improve each and every action of ours towards the achievement of the reliability of a market that is demanding daily more and more and that is committed to our natural environment and biodiversity.


CAT' MADER ® is therefore a strong and established team, consisting of a group of people, trained and motivated, and always available to our customers.