1.    ¿What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or device when you visit our website.


2.    ¿Why do we use cookies?

The purpose of cookies is to make your visits and purchases more efficient. We also use cookies to make our website more user friendly and to interpret your buying process.


3.    ¿How do we use cookies?

We use cookies in following cases:

a. to remember your log in details.

b. to identify you when you log in to our website.

c. to remember the products you sent to cart when you move to various pages during the same session, to go to the order confirmation page or to log off before its completion.

d. to remember your browsing preferences, e.g. the desired language, text size, page layout and preferences. This allows you to navigate in our site more easily and quickly.


4.    Information that we collect with cookies

Cookies help us to collect information about how you use our site, but do not store personally identifiable information. We only store a one-time session identifier which helps us to recover the user profile and preferences for the next visit.


5.    Cookie types

a. Session cookies - These cookie types are temporarily stored in your computer or device during the browsing session. At the end of each session, they are eliminated from your computer or device.

b. Permanent cookies - Those cookie types are stored in your computer when you register in our website and log in again. Therefore, they are used when need to identify you when you open another session.


6.    Proper cookies

We use a special content manager who generates an encrypted cookie, that consists of an alphanumeric key, that is used to store all other cookies necessary for the information of the session, for the visitors and for the customers. They are used for viewing or purchasing products. 

We, also, use another cookie called "cookie_ue". This is a cookie that stores in our site the user acceptance for cookies for a period of 12 months.


7.    Third party cookies



Our website uses Google Analytics, a web service provided by Google Inc. that installs a series of cookies in your computer, enabling this way the collection of analytical information, such as counting our site visits and finding out which the most visited pages are.

We use the analytical information collected for marketing and resource planning purposes. The names of the cookies installed by Google Analytics are:

  Cookie  PurposeType
  _utmaContains a randomly generated number used to idetify one-time visitors in our site.Permanent 
  _utmb Contains a randomly generated number that is used to calculate the average time users spend in our site.Session 
  _utmc Contains a randomly generated number that is used to calculate when the browser is closed. Session 
 _utmzContains a randomly generated number and information about how the user entered our site (link, organic search or pay method). Permanent


If you like to get more information about the cookies used by Google Analytics, please, access Concepts about Google Analytics cookies.



Our site uses YouTube in some product pages, a web service provided by Google Inc, which installs a series of cookies in your computer remembering this way your preferences of commercial advertising and the viewing of their videos. The cookies installed by YouTube are: 

   Cookie  PurposeType
  VISITOR_INFO1_LIVESaves the user preferences when visiting pages that contain videos.Permanent 
  PREFSaves the user commercial advertising preferences and searches in Google Inc. websites.Session 
  YSC Contains a unique identifier to allow control of visits to YouTube videos. Session 

If you would like more information about the cookies used by YouTube, please access Concepts about YouTube cookies.

8.    Managing cookies

In the menu of most browsers you have the option to manage your cookies by adjusting the settings. Normally, the browsers should give you the following options:

a. view your cookies

b. allow cookie entrance

c. disable all or certain cookies

d. delete all cookies when you close your browser

e. block cookie entrance

f.  get a notification when you receive a cookie


In the following links you can find more information about how to set cookies in the major browsers: 

• Google ChromeManage your cookies and site data

• Internet Explorer: How to manage cookies in Internet Explorer

• Mozilla Firefox: How do I change cookie settings?

• Safari: Manage cookies


Remember, if you set your browser to block our cookies, it is possible that you may not be able to access certain parts of our website, e.g. services such as shopping carts, management of orders or customizations and your navigation could result affected. If you adjust in Settings that all cookies should be erased, then your preferences will be erased when you close yor browser.