PEFC™            FSC® - The mark of responsible forestry

The management of GRUPO CAT MADER, aware of the importance of preserving the environment, wishes to join the protection of the world's forests. Therefore it has decided to develop a system of the chain of custody based on technical documents PEFCand FSC® in order to promote sustainable forest management. To achieve this, it will use all the necessary means and will be committed to maintain the system of the chain of custody of PEFCand FSC® and meet their requirements. 

Protecting the environment is a key factor in the development of our business, so CAT MADER will take care of the training and sensitization of its employees, the active participation of our staff will be encouraged in the system of the chain of custody of PEFCand FSC®, which means that the rating and the attention paid regarding the suggestions presented in this matter will be special. 

We also intend to commit ourselves to the values that promote the PEFCand FSC® policy, stating publicly not to be involved in a direct or indirect way in:

  • The illegal trade of timber of derivative products.
  • The violation of human or traditional rights regarding forestry exploitations.
  • The destruction of high conservation values.
  • The conversion of natural forests to plantations or other uses.
  • The introduction of genetically modified organisms in forest management.
  • The violation of ILO conventions and socials an safety requeriments and health at work that this organization promotes, which is:
      • Not preventing that workers associate freely, electing their representatives or negotiating collectively with the company.
      • Not preventing workers equality of opportunities and treatment.
      • Detecting, controlling and preventing working conditions that endanger the safety or health of workers.
      • Not making use of hiring workers below the minimum legal age in Spain.
      • Not making use of forced labor.

This commitment will be diffused to employees, suppliers and customers of  GRUPO CATMADER, and will reach any other interested party that may request it. 

The management of GRUPO CATMADER expects and wishes to collaborate actively with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the world's forests are managed in a sustainable way.

CATRAL on April, 15th 2014



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