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CAT' MADER ® is the ultimate consequence of the continuity of a family bussiness with uninterrupted activity since 1940. Different types of bussiness which started with textile like coarse fiber, esparto straw, hemp, sisal, linen etc. and ended in the 60s. Then there were the brooms , brushes and mops.





It was pure craftsmanship employing lots of labor and that somehow was - next to agriculture - the basis of the local economy back then.  




Although it sounds anecdotical, Catral's brooms were sold all over Spain arriving to remote cities like La Coruña, Barcelona and Badajoz. 




In the 70s we started a new journey exporting hurdles (woven cane), participating in two national groups of exporters. At first with CEVENCA as a member of this association and, secondly, we created CATRAL EXPORT together with other local manufacturers.  


The hurdles were, and still are, used in agriculture (greenhouses, wind shields) in gardening (fences, parasols) and, of course, in the DIY world, in which there was a great demand for parasol, fences, intimate spaces, etc. Our particular lonely journey in the wood sector started back in the 80s, and to be precise, in the year 1983.




We started with coils of wood (fresh tree trunks to get plies out of them), funds for wooden packaging and wood for DIY, gardening and landscaping (which were starting tendencies in Spain at that time), and finally, specializing in the world of decoration, interior and articles for the manufacture of furniture branded: