In our company, we are aware that our business management must be coherent with the necessity and adaptation to the society. For this reason, we are committed in the preparation of "Plan of Equality opportunities for women and men", following the guidelines sets out the legislation with absolute subjection to the integration of the principle of equal treatment and opportunity as collected in the Organic Law 3/2007 for the effective equality of women and men.


From 01/01/2016 to 31/12/2016 is scheduled to perform the establishing of the Committee for Equality, diagnosis and design our Equality Plan. For it, we share the enthusiasm and interests of both the direction of CAT MADER, S.L. as the representation of workers and employees of the company, and We want you to be an active part in the whole process, for which we will indicate later the means and mechanisms to participate, because the result of this first phase, will mark the "Human Resources policy" and the internal and external communication of the company over the next four years.

We are facing the implementation of the Equality Plan as a modernization of our business management system that will produce undoubtedly an  structure and relations with the society in which our actions are free from discrimination on grounds of sex, contributing to progress towards a society in which equality is real and effective.


CATRAL, January 4, 2016